New Straitsville, Ohio is a legendary bootleg town. For more than 40 years, visitors have experienced firsthand moonshine culture at the annual Moonshine Festival in Ohio's Hocking Hills.

Over the past years the moonshine made on the antique stills was dumped due to strict liquor laws. Not a drop was to be tasted by visitors. however this year the over 100 year tradition is reborn with the opening of the Straitsville Special Distillery Memorial Day.

The Moonshine Festival takes place on Straitsville's Main Street. This is the first time those attending the festival will be able to taste the moonshine that is made from a working still. Just to define moonshine--it is illegal liquor. However, Straitsville Special will be producing a trademark high-quality corn whiskey, legally.

Lets go back to Mayberry, Mount Airy, North Carolina for dessert... 

We talked about the home of Andy Griffith and his childhood hometown that was used as the model town for the popular 1960's show, "The Andy Griffith Show".

The show continues to run on TV today, but if you are a boomer and grew up watching Andy and Aunt Bee or have watched the reruns--taking a trip to Mount Airy, North Carolina will bring back those black and white memories.

The Phoenix Art Museum teams up with the Starwood properties in Phoenix to bring the glitz and the glamour of the cinema to visitors of the valley. 

The prestigious museum will be rolling out the red carpet for the only showing on the west coast of the "Hollywood Costume".  Displayed March 26 through July 6, 2014, the exhibit was first organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and explores what costume design means to the story telling of the cinema.

The popular, Velvet Ice Cream company located in Utica, Ohio  has been crafting our favorite summer treat for 100 years. 

The famed company has reached a milestone that only about 3 percent of companies reach--100 years of serving the public.

It all started in 1914 when the company was founded by Joseph Dager and today the fourth generation of Dagers continue to hold the company to the quality Joseph began 100 years ago.

Memphis, Tennessee is everything Elvis. The city of music and BBQ has the bragging rites to where Elvis lived and created much of his Rock and Roll history. 

Everywhere you go in town you will see Elvis, his pictures and his music lives on.

The best way to get a taste of the real story of rock and roll is visit the birthplace of rock and roll Sun Studios.  

The studio is home to Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and many more of our favorite musicians. Tours are offered daily.

Have you ever looked a mule in the eye?There really is no mule, but you will forget about toast, bagels and muffins to "eye up" a homemade Red Eyed Mule biscuit.  

The Red Eyed Mule in Marietta, Georgia is just "one of those places". That is how the owners like it. It is something you will remember once you have been there.

The food is great and the southern hospitality--top notch.  It has the friendliness of one of those home town places where they remember your name.

Did you grow up with Andy, Barney and Opie? Aunt Bee's good cookin' and Gomer fixing the cars at Walley's Garage?

If so you will enjoy spending time in Mayberry. OK, it is not really called Mayberry, it is Andy Griffiths's hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina and the Hollywood town of Mayberry was patterned after the town.

The friendly residents of Mount Airy don't seem to mind when you slip and call their town Mayberry.

You probably know the story of George Washington crossing the Delaware--visit the area where that took place and walk where Washington and his brave men once tread.

The Washington Crossing Park is located at 112 River Road in Washington Crossing, PA. 

The story took place at the Delaware River flowing between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The area along the river is filled with small towns, shops, wineries, restaurants, historic homes, stone buildings and so much history.

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls offers quiet excitement with plenty of things to do as well as a place to chill all year long.

The inn is located in Logan, Ohio right in the heart of the Hocking Hills area, a popular state park.  Previous post

Innkeepers recently announced events for the year. Visitors will find classes with the Innkeepers to national days celebrating everything from dogs to grandparents. T he Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls has packed its calendar with memorable getaways.

Maybe you have seen the Grand Canyon--but have you seen it from the south rim?

Not only are the views of the canyon spectacular, but the little town, tucked away in the pines near the entrance of the park, is a gem...Tusayan, Arizona.

What you will find is a small town loaded with things to do. Spending time at the Best Western Premiere Grand Canyon Squire Inn is a vacation in itself--even without the canyon. It is great for all ages and families will love it.