In 1985 this modest home on a quiet brick street in Akron was declared to be a state historical site by Governor Richard Celeste. The home of Dr. Bob, Robert Holbrook Smith, is an important piece of history and also became a National Historical Landmark through the offices of U.S. Congressman John Seiberling.

The 12 steps you walk to get up to the front door are filled with history and the imprints of those that sought help. It is this home where the miracle of recovery began for many––the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA.

Visitors can follow the footsteps of Dr. Bob and co-founder businessman Bill Wilson in their quest to help others like themselves. The home was to be Dr. Bob and his wife, Anne Ripley Smith, his high school sweetheart's, life time home.

The Moosehead Lake area in Maine, includes the areas of Sugar and Farm Islands as well as the shore in Days Academy and Kineo Townships. 

You will find campsites and boating opportunities. Mossehead Lake is known for its scenic hiking trails and fantastic views of the fall colors from Mount Kineo. The area is a real outdoor experience.

Mother Nature's vibrant colors are becoming abundant. A weekend trip to western New York gives leaf seekers a view of her best work.

The scarlet, orange and golden yellow leaves of fall is one last look at beauty before winter hits.

The drive to New York offers fantastic views in itself, but getting off the highway and into the forests certainly offers a leaf adventure.

Just three hours from home, the areas of Chautauqua and Salamanca, New York offer brilliant colors and more.

This is a chance for you to get a behind the scenes look at some amazing Ice Age discoveries, but you have to act fast. 

Visitors are invited to go back in time to see what is known as Big Bone Mountain, the Ice Age Bones excavation. Travelers will have a chance October 2 through October 4 (2014) to observe the Indiana State Museum's expert paleontologists while they unearth the more than 40,000 year old bones hidden in cave crevices.

Visiting the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona is a wonderful adventure in its self, but now the music is even sweeter as the museum is turning up the sound and hosting its inaugural global music festival--MIMFest. 

The dates for the fest are Oct. 18 and 19, 2014.  MIM hosts about 200 concerts each year in its state of the art music theater.

Here is a little trivia question to get us started. Which state has been home to the most presidents?

The answer is? Ohio––sort of!

Technically--Ohio and Virginia are tied for that honor as William Henry Harrison is on the list of presidents for Ohio and Virginia. President Harrison was born and studied in Virginia, but spent much of his life in Ohio and became a senator for the Buckeye state.

Take this beautiful fall road trip (or 

anytime of the year). 

This travel destination might sound like a state park, but it is so much more.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful, serene place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature or wanting plenty of revved up action, Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio will fit the bill for your road trip.

Who needs an ocean when the shores of Lake Erie are just a short car ride away and...there are no sharks!

With so much to do for every member of the family––it can't all be listed. Whether it is swimming, just laying on the beach, boating, bicycling, hiking, visiting wineries or art galleries, climbing lighthouses or visiting one of the greatest amusement parks or water parks you can do it all on the shores of Lake Erie.

With many parks and beaches water sports are plentiful.

The hills of Tennessee are a great place to visit for the fall, spring, summer and even the winter...don't miss the beauty of it all.

Travel Foothill Parkway to see just what the area has to offer. 

Jump on the Parkway in Townsend, Tennessee. This area of the parkway offers a view like none other. Visitors get a fantastic look at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park's face that includes mountain vistas.

Get out your clipboard of fun and schedule this event for next year...It is worth it! Even if you are not a "garden person", you will enjoy the Garden Walk in Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo has the largest garden walk in the nation, which is held the last weekend in July. Prior to this big national event...on weekend's throughout June and July, gardens are open around the city for visitors.

Even a real go getter gardener could not see the almost 1,000 gardens available for tour over that time period.